Friday, May 21, 2010

greatest hits.

so the thing about coupons lately that has been for me is that i'm trying out things that i may not normally try. and some of the things, i really really like! love, even! so this post is an attempt to log the stuff that i have tried that falls into that category... my greatest coupon hits.

first of all, i'd like to reveal here my love for the new no-touch automatic soap dispenser by lysol. it retails for around 10 bucks, and it comes with the dispenser, the soap and the battery to power it. refills for the soap run between 3 and 4 dollars. three scents for the soap: a ginger one, a cucumber melon one and a grapefruit one. i've tried the first two scents and like them both. this thing comes in handy in the kitchen when my hands are all slimy from cooking something and i don't have to touch anything to get the soap to wash off the slime. it also helped my son gets excited about washing his hands in the bathroom... i'll take all the help i can get there. :)

second, i got sent some samples by general foods international for their caramel latte. you just add it to warm milk, stir and it even gets a little frothy on the top. good flavor when added to skim milk.

third, my everpure shampoo by l'oreal. it's sulfate-free, which my stylist recommended. it suds up nicely, smells really good, and makes my hair have really good-hair days. can't say that about all shampoos.

fourth, i've also tried john frieda's root awakening spray lately, and had much success with awakening my roots. they gave me a free comb attached to the bottle, and i really like the comb too. i was all body and shine and volume. thanks, john. :)

fifth and finally, my nivea body wash. i got in on a good deal for it at cvs, and bought the touch of happiness scent. i usually wash my body two or three times in the shower just to smell the stuff. it feels moisturizer-y and it lathers up nicely, as well. everything that one could desire from their body wash.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

awesome carter's coupon.

go here for your 25% off coupon, for your entire purchase, no minimum purchase requirements. that's huge! and it never happens! run, don't walk, there!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

free mascara at jcpenney.

go here for the details and the link to the coupon.

anyone know if our wooster jcpenney has a sephora counter? i totally can't remember.

thanks, freebies 4 mom!

two free stayfree samples.

go to this page and fill out the form for one, and then click the offer at the bottom left for a sample of overnights.

thanks, addicted to saving!

free nursery water bag available.

100 are available daily, so if you don't get it today, try again tomorrow. :)

go here for the details.

thanks, shelley's swag!

gymboree-30% off coupon.

go here to print yours. (not valid at the outlet, sadness!)

thanks, thrifty and thriving!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

half price frappucinos at the 'buck.

go here for the happy hour details.

thanks, couponers united!

free nursing relief pack.

nursing? know a mom who is? go here to get a nursing relief pack from learning curve.

thanks, because more is more!

new kohl's cares for kids campaign.

this time, it's toy story! go here for the details!

thanks, freebies 4 mom!

freebie-a-day giveaway.

the site for "all you" magazine is a wealth of info and ways to save. i found a page on the site that does a freebie-a-day, and you can even look up the days from past months if you want previous freebies that are still available. go here to check it out!