Sunday, February 28, 2010

consignment sale site.

well, guys and gals, here's a site that might interest you if you are going to get into consigning. "consigningchrissy" left a comment in my kids consignment sale post about a site that she runs here. you can go there to find sales in your area, as well as ratings and reviews of different sales. thought that i'd give her a shout out and a thank you for reading! thanks, chrissy!

if you'd like to bookmark her site, add to your bookmark listing!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

rumor has it...

that old navy clearance is an additional 50% off. grab a coupon from oldnavyweekly and get going! like now!!

30% off at eddie bauer, today only.

Eddie Bauer is celebrating their 90th Anniversary.
So TODAY ONLY you can get 30% off Everything!
Good in-store or online with promo code: EB90TH

go here to start shopping! :)

pampers gifts to grow.

pampers gifts to grow is a great little way to get some freebies after buying what you need (pampers diapers) already. i've been collecting points since danny was born, and i've traded the points in for toys, magazine subscriptions and photos, while other people i know have gotten free movie nights and other great rewards.
the points are inside all pampers diapers products, including wipes and easy ups. you go to to join (find the link there for gifts to grow), then add your codes and redeem them on the rewards page. here's 30 points to get you started.

GTGTEAMUSA2010 is a 30 point code. i'll post more as i see them.

huggies diapers also has a similar program, called enjoy the ride. i'll post about it later.

thanks, lisa!

p and g coupons.

go here to download the form for proctor and gamble coupons. after buying 50 dollars worth of their brand, they'll send you a coupon book for 100 dollars off their products. read all about it on that same site above.

thanks, lisa!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

join swagbucks today!

i just joined swagbucks... friends have told me stories about getting amazon giftcards just for searching the internet through the swagbucks site. use this link to sign up!

keep in mind that i am just learning... learning the lingo, the system, and what it all means. as i get more info, i will give you more info. :)

if you'd like to see an informative blog post about it, check out this one from hip2save!

country store sale, plus shipping for 1 dollar.

go here for all the details. they have some cute things, but i'm going to pass on this one till i have a house of my own to decorate. :)

thanks, she saved!

free redbox code.

go to this post for the details on getting tonight's movie for free! code good through 3/14/2010.

thanks, frugal coupon living!

free glasses case.

go here for a free glasses case. should com ein handy if the sun decides to reappear! :)

thanks, heavenlee freebies!

free true lemon.

go here for a free sample of true lemon.

thanks, hip2save!

coupon for world market.

go here for a coupon good at world market for 10 dollars off a 30 dollar purchase. these are the times that i missing living close to real stores... :)

thanks, swag grabber!

cheap water table from amazon.

go here for details on how to get the step2 water table cheap off of amazon... less than 30 bucks. where was this post for me last week?? :)

thanks, the bargain jargon!

free 8x10 today at walgreens.

go here for the post about getting in on the free 8x10 from walgreens. good today, in-store only.

thanks, adventures in saving!

veggie tales deals.

go here for a veggie tales post about getting a deal on a dvd/2 cd combo, or a 2 dvd/2cd combo.

thanks, adventures in savings!

free first aid kit.

go here for a free first aid kit!

thanks, frugalista cafe!

a lip smacking deal.

go here for the post about a coupon for a dollar off lip smackers. might be free...?

thanks, frugalista cafe!

5 new coupons from the limited.

go here to print off five coupons good at the limited.

thanks, coupon pro!

free premiere issue of "mom" magazine.

i totally saw this and flipped through it last night at wal-mart, debating whether or not to buy it, and now lookee! free! go here for the link!

thanks, hip2save!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

post-holiday shopping.

so this is my new (cheap) way to get fun stuff for parties and gifts for people. it requires a little digging sometimes, which i know some of us hate to do. but, in this instance, sometimes things work out for the best.

so the holiday we just passed is valentine's day, so i'll use that as my example. (easter is coming up... you can use this info soon, i promise!) a lot of stores put together an aisle or two of seasonal/holiday merchandise... the best ones for doing this are stores like rite-aid, walgreens, and cvs. today, my focus was on jo-ann, however. i noticed a few weeks ago after taking a leisurely walk around the store that they had some really fun things for making candy or cookies in their valentine's set up. things like candy molds or cookie cutters or cupcake liners. i've been recently in need of some nostalgia, so i had asked my mom if she still had her clear plastic candy molds so we could make some candy for easter soon. my son loves the melted chocolate suckers, so she dug them out and we'll be in business. well, after perusing the valentine's day leftovers at jo-ann, i found a bunch of candy molds, cupcake liners with hearts, lip-shaped cookie cutters, etc., all at 50% off! since valentine's stuff is so sweet with hearts and lips, i figured that it would be fun to make some of these things for the people that i love, even when it's not valentine's day!

another nice score i made tonight was at wal-mart (i know, i keep saying that i'm not a fan... seriously if target was anywhere near here, you'd never hear me speak a word about wal-mart), where they had party decorations from val's day on sale. i use plastic tablecloths for my kids parties, so i got three red plastic tablecloths for 30 cents each!

some other places to check: target, kohl's, michael's, or hobby stores. i got some cute valentine's for my sons friends at school next year for a dollar each today at pat catan's. super sweet!

buehler's coupons.

click here for our family brand coupons.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cheap books, coming right up!

the scholastic sale is coming up soon, and if you'd like to locate one near you, go here and either enter your zip code, or click on your state. under the sale that you'd like to go to, click on the "sign up" tab, then go to "parent registration" and create your account. this will lead you to another screen, where you skip all the entries and scroll to the bottom to print your fast-cart pass. this is how they track that you came to the sale... you get a unique code for yourself. it will tell you what sale you signed up to go to, and also give you a coupon for the sale!

i've gone to this sale about 4 times while we in maryland, so i can't tell you exactly what your sale venue will be like, but in maryland, the sale was actually at the scholastic warehouse! all the books were lined up on shelves, and in boxes, and the prices were clearly marked... nothing over 5 bucks. it's like a little version of heaven for children's book lovers, i promise!! :)

free toddler kit from beech-nut.

go here for the link. once you join, you get coupons, feeding tips, and an e-newsletter.

thanks, good deal mama!

new bbw coupon.

a great coupon for bath and body works can be found through the post here. make a 15 dollar purchase, and get a wallflower or signature collection body care item for free. good through march 14, 2010.

thanks, the frugal girls!

free sample of dog food.

go here to see the post about how you can get a free sample of science diet food for your pup. and while you're there at the frugal girls post, click on the link to see more pet offers, and scroll down till you find the post about rachel ray's nutrish dog food. you can still get a sample of that, too!

thanks, the frugal girls!

20% off at banana republic.

go to the post here for the details and link!

thanks, because more is more!

Monday, February 22, 2010

free saveur magazine.

go here for the details. and do it quickly!

thanks, money saving mom!

freebies for parents of multiples.

check out the post here if you are the mom or dad of twins.

thanks, southern savers!

free pen.

get the details here. i got my free one last week, and it's actually really awesome (for a pen). it's my new checkbook pen. get one. you'll like it. :) no pressure.

thanks, swag grabber!

bahama breeze free 10 dollar gift card.

yep, you heard right. sign up through the link provided here. and next week, we could go get an appetizer and treat ourselves to a bahamarita. yum!

thanks, swag grabber!

free magazines.

i wanted to post about a company called mercury magazines. they offer free subscriptions to magazines to people in different industries. so far, i've scored free subscriptions to ladies home journal, cosmo, and fitness magazine. the company sometimes refuses people, based on i don't know what criteria, so if you are told that they are out or that you don't qualify, don't be discouraged, just try again next time.

the current offer is for ladies home journal. you can link to it through here. they go fast, so hurry!

thanks to my frugal adventures for the link!

sears portraits.

check out the post here for a great offer from sears portraits. good through mid-june!

thanks, swag grabber!

pediasure... near and dear to my heart.

i really can't say enough great things about pediasure. we've been using it on our daughter who was underweight and had lactose issues with milk, and have seen great improvements in her weight and the lactose issues have been resolved. we go through this stuff like water, and since it's so expensive, you should check out the post here for coupons and samples. i stayed on the line to talk to a (very pleasant) representative and asked for the free samples and coupons and should receive them within the next 7-10 days. awesome. :)

thanks a million, common sense with money!

more community calendar items.

be on the lookout tonight... i have been scouring the area for things for us all to do... and i will be armed with plenty of boredom busters. i'll post them tonight. and don't let me hear you say there is nothing to do around here!!

free kiwi magazine subscription.

go here for all the juicy details. kiwi is a great mag that i have just recently found. it is about "greener" parenting. love it. you will too. and free is good.

thanks, hip2save!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

new old navy coupons!

go here for all the details!

thanks, for the mommas!

interesting article on "real food".

clicky here.

thanks, musings of a housewife!

community calendar list updated.

i put together a list of places of things to do, places to go, and things to see here in the mid-ohio area, specifically concentrating on wooster. if you have any other additions, i'd love to share them!

kids consignment sales.

i was really passionate about this when we were in maryland, as kids consignment sales were happening all over, and practically all the time. i found a site that gives kids consignment sale listing by state. go here to enter your state and find a seasonal sale near you. some of these sales are crazy, with long lines at the door hours before the sale even starts, and once you try one, you'll see why. some encourage customers to become sellers or volunteers to get premium admission into the sale, before the general public is admitted. each sale is different, so check it out at least once.

free lego magazine.

a fun one for the kiddos... click here for a free subscription to lego magazine. my son is always thrilled to get things in the mail, so he will love this! :)

5 off 25 at rite-aid.

go here for the link to a 5 off 25 coupon at rite-aid. a good reminder: their 20% off sale on otc meds starts today...

thanks, kc penny pinchin' mama!

free cbs "watch" magazine.

get it while they're still available... a free subscription to "watch" magazine here.

thanks, kc penny pinchin' mama!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

free burt's bees toothpaste sample.

check out the post here for the details.

thanks, freebies 4 mom!

some scores at target.

awesome that i know how to add some words to go along with these pics. :) gotta love figuring things out as you go....

bath and body deal.

hip2save came up with a bath and body works coupon for anti-bac soap that you may be interested in. check it out here.

thanks, hip2save!

20% off at famous footwear.

i never usually shop there, but maybe that's because coupons there are rare. check out hip2save, for a rare 20% off link to a coupon. check the fine print before using.

thanks, hip2save!

another free fekkai sample.

according to jessica's coupons, you can sign up for another free fekkai sample! go here for her post.

thanks, jessica's coupons!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

free pretzel at auntie anne's on feb.20

check the site here for the official countdown to free pretzel day (runs from 10am-3pm, and is good for one cinnamon sugar or original pretzel per person.)

thanks, suburban mom!

free excedrin coupon by mail.

get your free excedrin by completeing the survey here. do not answer "excedrin" to the question, and it will take you to a page to fill out your info for a coupon good for a free bottle of excedrin.

thanks, abundant food savings!

20% off all otc meds at rite-aid.

check out this post by the coupon project. all over the counter meds at rite-aid should be ringing up 20% off this thursday, friday and saturday. good time to stock up if you have coupons.

thanks, the coupon project!

jcpenney portraits coupons.

go here for coupons good through 3/11/2010. i always get the kids portraits done at jcp, they do a really good job, and at 3.99 per sheet, ya can't beat the price. go here to locate a studio near you.

some frugal disney posts.

go here and here for some great tips on doing disney cheaper.

thanks, spend less and save more and the bargain jargon!

more staples deals.

check out the post here for even more staples deals.

thanks, for the mommas!

Monday, February 15, 2010

do you use swagbucks?

here's a post about swagbucks, which i have yet to use. do you like the program? what's the best trade-in you've gotten? i'm interested in starting since i'm on the computer all day practically... but would like to hear some success stories.

thanks, moneywise moms!

free shipping at snapfish, through the 19th.

free shipping at snapfish through the 19th. doesn't include prints, and is not valid in maine. check the details here.

thanks, moneywise moms!

jcpenney coupon, 10 off 25.

go here to save 10 dollars on a 25 dollar purchase, in-store. check the fine print for exclusions.

thanks, mojo savings!

free rouge magazine w/coupons.

go here to sign up for a new magazine from p & g called "rouge". it will contain lots of coupons! yay! :)

thanks, mojo savings!

staples deals.

here's one for my faithful staples shoppers:

check here for some staples deals.

thanks, hip2save!

free item at bbw.

use this coupon at bath and body through the 21st to score a free item with 10 dollar purchase.

thanks, centsible savings!

40% off at gap today only.

coupon good today only.

thanks, be centsable.

Friday, February 12, 2010

free love everyday ebook.

cute! worth a little look-see with valentine's fast approaching. go here to see what the buzz is all about.

thanks, organizing your way!

children's place coupon.

go here for the latest coupon from children's place.

as a small aside, i'd like to thank the lady in children's place outlet in orlando that turned to me and asked if i had a coupon. since i was on vacation, this was the one time that i didn't, and had just told my mom that the only way the deals there could be better was if i had had the forethought to pack a coupon. i was THRILLED that the coupon she gave me was from their circular, so it could be used more than once. i used it, my mom used it, and my aunt used it. i usually will pass off coupons to the next people in line if i get the reusable ones, or if i have made extra copies. it was awesome to see that my pay-it-forward habit has finally come back around to reach me. thank you, orlando lady. you totally made my day.

all about the coupon.

i came across this informative blog entry that shares some interesting things about coupons, just fyi.

thanks, saving with amy!

75 free prints from shutterfly, just pay shipping.

for 75 free prints from shutterfly (just pay shipping), go here to get the juicy details.

thanks, saving with amy!

free shampoo sample.

go here to try a sample of fekkai styling aid from wal-mart.

thanks, hip2save!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

new old navy coupons.

check out locations here when you visit oldnavyweekly here. coupons good through next week. get them while there are still more. :)

thanks, engineer a debt-free life!

kroger tripling coupons?

read about it here.

thanks, stretching a buck!

free nursing cover, just pay shipping.

go here, pick out a single nursing cover, add it to your cart, and use the code VALENTINE in the box to get your free nursing cover... you only pay the shipping charge of 9.95! awesome deal! i got two last month--one for me (hey, you never know...) and one for a gift. the cover is a pretty design and it has an adjustable strap around the neck, and a bendable piece at the top so you can do your nursing and positioning with both hands... not using one hand to try to control where the cover is. genius. wish that i had thought of it. :)

thanks, fabulessly frugal!

a short little post about disney.

i have a few friends who are going to disney in the next few weeks and thought that this post might be of interest. i just returned from there, and can see how the trip is so magical. :)

see ya real soon! :)

thanks, bargain jargon!

walgreens: friends & family coupon, plus free photo

go here for the details on a walgreens friends and family coupon, plus a link to a free 8x10 photo.

thanks, bargain briana!

Monday, February 1, 2010

on hiatus.

will be back soon! :)

free old spice razor for joining club.

check out the post here to score a free old spice razor.

thanks, frugalista cafe!

a great deal of deals at hip2save.

rather than take it all, i'm going to post links to all the great deals she posted today. just a hint: i check her site daily... she is an awesome resource for fabulous deals.

check out her deals here (cheap travel games), here (outback steakhouse app), here (the limited coupon) and here (free tea samples).

thanks to collin @ hip2save!