Friday, February 12, 2010

children's place coupon.

go here for the latest coupon from children's place.

as a small aside, i'd like to thank the lady in children's place outlet in orlando that turned to me and asked if i had a coupon. since i was on vacation, this was the one time that i didn't, and had just told my mom that the only way the deals there could be better was if i had had the forethought to pack a coupon. i was THRILLED that the coupon she gave me was from their circular, so it could be used more than once. i used it, my mom used it, and my aunt used it. i usually will pass off coupons to the next people in line if i get the reusable ones, or if i have made extra copies. it was awesome to see that my pay-it-forward habit has finally come back around to reach me. thank you, orlando lady. you totally made my day.

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