Wednesday, February 24, 2010

post-holiday shopping.

so this is my new (cheap) way to get fun stuff for parties and gifts for people. it requires a little digging sometimes, which i know some of us hate to do. but, in this instance, sometimes things work out for the best.

so the holiday we just passed is valentine's day, so i'll use that as my example. (easter is coming up... you can use this info soon, i promise!) a lot of stores put together an aisle or two of seasonal/holiday merchandise... the best ones for doing this are stores like rite-aid, walgreens, and cvs. today, my focus was on jo-ann, however. i noticed a few weeks ago after taking a leisurely walk around the store that they had some really fun things for making candy or cookies in their valentine's set up. things like candy molds or cookie cutters or cupcake liners. i've been recently in need of some nostalgia, so i had asked my mom if she still had her clear plastic candy molds so we could make some candy for easter soon. my son loves the melted chocolate suckers, so she dug them out and we'll be in business. well, after perusing the valentine's day leftovers at jo-ann, i found a bunch of candy molds, cupcake liners with hearts, lip-shaped cookie cutters, etc., all at 50% off! since valentine's stuff is so sweet with hearts and lips, i figured that it would be fun to make some of these things for the people that i love, even when it's not valentine's day!

another nice score i made tonight was at wal-mart (i know, i keep saying that i'm not a fan... seriously if target was anywhere near here, you'd never hear me speak a word about wal-mart), where they had party decorations from val's day on sale. i use plastic tablecloths for my kids parties, so i got three red plastic tablecloths for 30 cents each!

some other places to check: target, kohl's, michael's, or hobby stores. i got some cute valentine's for my sons friends at school next year for a dollar each today at pat catan's. super sweet!

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