Monday, June 28, 2010

20% off crocs.

go here for the details!

thanks, budget mommy!

babylegs sale!

babylegs, a company that makes leg warmers, tights and socks for kids, is having a july 4th sale. i love these leg warmers... not only because my daughter uses them to crawl around in, but also because they are cute and stylish. we have three pairs already, and i just ordered 6 more pairs (3 for my daughter, 3 for my son) for 28 bucks. shipping is free, and the leg warmers that are normally 12 bucks are down to as low as 4 bucks. AND you can use the code BL5UL to get an additional 10% off! wowza! go here for more details!

thanks, budget mommy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

camp mom.

i was reading in my latest parents magazine about a newsletter they will send out this summer called "camp mom". they had a preview in the issue of what it will be like, and it's filled with boredom busters for the kids for lazy hazy summer days. indoor activities and outdoor activities, crafts, food, etc. if you'd like a copy sent to your inbox, go here to sign up for it. look for "camp mom" near the big picture on the left side. looks like thee is a lot of fun for the taking this summer!

thanks, parents magazine!


my apologies for being a slacker as of late. i wish that i could "feed" some of my facebook posts directly to here... i'm posting and reposting a lot of deals on my facebook, because it's super easy to just hit the "share" button. otherwise, i have to come on here and hit up the link thing, and write out a post, and give credit, and blahblahblah.... anyways. there have been some super deals on stuff lately, like the four pairs of crocs i got (2 for me, 2 for my daughter) for 42 bucks. sooooo... i promise to get better at posting on here. i'll get back into the blahblahblah just for all of you, my faithful, lovely (and sadly neglected) readers...

see you soon with more awesome deals!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

free samples.

free bodycology sample here.

free nivea happy sensation sample here.

check out the other free samples from wal-mart here.

Monday, June 14, 2010

super cheap crocs.

i just ordered 4 pairs (two for me, two for my daughter) and spent 42.50! go here for the details!

thanks, suburban mom!

free diaper sample.

available in size 4 or 5. go here to get yours.