Wednesday, March 31, 2010

15% off at children's place.

go here to print your coupon.

infantino carrier recall.

i don't know if this one will apply to you, but it applies to me. i bought this to carry moosey around our apartment 2 years ago... and now, after the reported deaths of three infants, it's being recalled. go here to learn more about the recall and send in the info needed to get a replacement carrier.

free sample of dove's mens wash.

go here to request yours.

30% off at old navy till 4/4.

go here to print. good on one single item. :)

thanks to the discount queens!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

wal-marts free and cheap items.

here's an awesome compilation of stuff that is free or under a dollar at wal-mart right now when combined with coupons you may already have.

thanks, couponing to disney!!

coupon sites.

check out the coupon sites tab above. i added some great places that you can go to to download online coupons. some of them require registration, but have some great coupons available. the sites also rotate coupons monthly or weekly, so check them often if you have a certain coupon that you are looking for. also, check to see what the print limit is on the coupons... you may able to print it twice.

free scissors.

go here to get your free scissors.

thanks, two thrifty sisters!

free splenda for coffee sample.

go here to sign up for your free sample.

free dove men's at target.

go here for the details on free travel sizes of dove men's.

thanks, money saving mom!

seventh generation coupons.

go to this site to sign up for coupons for seventh generation cleaners and products.

time to get busy!!

okay, so that's a joke. sort of. i love baby registry gift bags!! :)

go here to see what i'm talking about.

thanks, who said nothing in life is free?

free windex at cvs this week.

go here for the details!

thanks to the coupon high!

deals at target for the week.

go here for a list of deals at target this week.

thanks, money saving mom!

some deals at cvs this week.

go here for a compilation of deals at cvs this week.

thanks, moms need to know!

freebie round-up.

courtesy of coupon cravings, if you want some free samples, this is the list you need to consult.

coupon binder.

i spent the better part of yesterday early evening and after the kids went to bed organizing a coupon binder for myself. my dream is to take some pictures of it and explain how i will use it for you all, because (i don't know about you) i was being swallowed up by the clutter that loose coupons everywhere was creating. i had coupons here and there and in there and down there and over there and still at the computer. now, all my coupons are in one place, and the best part? it's now portable and highly organized. i have a spot for everything, and even more available spots for the things that i haven't even thought of. yay for organization!!

free sample of face cream.

go here for the link to sign up for your free sample of face cream.

thanks, she saved!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

brita on tap filter for 7.49.

the blog totally target came up with a great deal scenario to get a brita filter for your kitchen faucet tap for just 7.49! check it out here.

take the pledge here and get more coupons!

thanks, totally target!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

some great rite aid deals coming up...

thanks to pirates of the supermarket, check out this list of great deals at rite aid.

awesome target deals this week.

go here to see what stuff you can score at fab prices at target this coming week....

thanks, sisters shopping on a shoestring!

cheap huggies diapers at cvs.

starting tomorrow, you can snag some cheap huggies diapers at cvs. buy 2 jumbo packs of diapers for 17.98, use 2 3 dollar off coupons, and get 5 dollars in extra care bucks. you've just paid 3.49 per pack. want to see more steals and deals coming up at cvs? check out the post here at!!

thanks collin!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

free pdf version of kid's cookbook.

courtesy of wisconsin cheese, you can download a pdf of their kid's cookbook "kids in the kitchen". do it here.

free spring cleaning pack.

sign up here for a free spring cleaning pack that includes:

Ziploc® Brand Storage Bags
Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Cleaning Gel
Pledge® Multi Surface Wipes

some fun stuff at buehler's.

two things to post about here from buehler's:

1) i happened to spot some syrups in the coffee aisle that looked just right for making italian sodas. i had one at the lodi station on sunday when i went to pick up the future engineer kit i won on facebook, and took note of how they were made... pausing mentally to almost-ask if the syrups were for sale... you know, the whole big bottle they use for flavoring coffees and drinks. well, as i was shopping at buehler's, i noticed that there in the middle of the aisle, a bunch of bottles are set up on display and what were they? the syrups, like i said. anyways, on with the post. mix about 1 to 2 T. of your fave flavor of syrup, (mine was strawberry) with enough plain club soda to fill a glass. instantly italian, for waaaay less. i put mine in a really fun glass i have, and then pretend that i am somewhere in italy, sipping it while sitting on an outdoor terrace... whatever. you can pretend whatever you want. :)

2) i have been seeing posting's on my fave savings blog ( about a cosmetic company called e.l.f. (eyes lips face) that sells everything for a dollar. that's right, one buck. i was strolling through buehler's after picking up my prescription, and happened upon the cosmetics aisle, which actually is pretty awesome (for a grocery store). i saw a rack devoted to e.l.f. cosmetics and tools, and i started flipping through it. in short, i got a mirrored compact, a new eyelash curler, an all-over-color stick (blush, lipstick, eyeshadow), a mascara that has two ends (waterproof and regular), and something else that escapes me at the moment, all for 5 bucks. i also noticed that they had stuff by tom's of maine, kiss my face, and some really awesome huge handmade-looking soaps for pretty cheap. who knew that buehler's might be my next best make-up destination?

almost famous!!

but not quite yet... that will come on friday. ;)

check out the post here on the blog for "shop your closet", which introduces you to me and my wardrobe. it was in sad shape, having been all but neglected since the birth of my first baby. being a deal shopper, i would pick up things here and there for myself (you know, like a 2 dollar tee shirt from old navy), sort of ignoring whether it was flattering on me. well, i'm done with that. i will be, from here on out, actually taking the time to try things on, and ask opinions from others on whether or not it's a keeper. susan and betsy gave me a good jump-start into realizing that my wardrobe can once again be fabulous... and i deserve to be fabulous as well! :)

you can follow along on their blog this week, and then watch the robin swoboda show at 10am this friday on fox 8 for the big reveal. you can witness the process that i went through, and get started on getting yourself into full-fledged fabulousness!

become a friend of "shop your closet" on facebook here

subscribe to blog updates from "shop your closet" here

cheap board games from target...

like battleship for 2 bucks! go to the post here, and download the coupons in both spots to get the 9 dollar battleship game for 2 bucks after coupons!

thanks, for the mommas!

reversible canvas purse, 5.99!

land's end has a great deal going on their reversible canvas purse, just 5.99! get the details in this post, where you can score free shipping, too! a great mother's day idea... or for those with birthdays coming up (wink, wink).

thanks, living rich with coupons!

toy story 1 and 2, super cheap!

go here for all the details!

thanks, living rich with coupons!

another disney link.

for those of you who are lucky enough to still be planning your disney adventures... i thought of you when i came across this little gem.

thanks to the happy housewife!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

free digital "parenting school years" magazine.

go here to access the offer.

thanks, pocket your dollars!

one day shopping pass for sam's club.

go here for the post with the details.

thanks, who said nothing in life is free!

coupons for stores.

here are some great links for deal shopping this week.

thanks for compiling the list, organizing for everyone! (you're so organized, i'm jealous!!)

gap/banana/old navy 30% off coupon.

good the 18th through 21st this month, multiple use. also good at some oulets, check the print at top.

coupon is here.

thanks, getcha coup on! (friend them on facebook!)

free sample of downy.

go here, no sam's number required.

thanks, but i had a coupon!

free homemade soap.

go here for a free sample of homemade soap from cloud 9 spa.

thanks, heavenlee freebies! (become a fan on facebook...)

free 8 x 10 photo canvas.

go here for the details on how to get your free photo canvas (over 50 dollar value). shipping is about 15 bucks for the 8 x 10 size! super fun!

thanks, be centsable!

store deals!

go here to be linked up with all the latest and greatest store deals. stores can be accessed along the side, or scrolled through. awesome! bookmark it! (and they still have stores to add!)

thanks, money saving mom!

free purex 3 in 1 sample.

go here for the post about how to snag a free sample of purex 3 in 1. mine just came in the mail last week, and i'm excited to try it out. it's detergent, softener, and static cling in one sheet. awesome idea!

thanks, thrifty divas!

free girlie stuff.

see the post from hip2save here for free samples from u by kotex.

thanks, hip2save!

super cute luggage tags!!

download your own image on these luggage tags. makes for a great tag for diaper bags! brilliant! see hip2save's post here.

i put moosey's picture on my tags, and will put it on her diaper bag. so sweet!!

thanks, hip2save! another great find!!

free pureology sample.

it was just suggested to me by my stylist last week to use pureology, so this is a timely freebie. go here to request relaxing serum or smoothing cream.

thanks, bucktown bargains!

vistaprint: 100 postcards for 1.99 + s/h

the thrifty mama posted about a great deal on postcards from vistaprint for 1.99, plus s/h. i got my "hip mom" cards from them for my blog, and love them. i bet that these will be just as great. some ideas they posted for using them: upcoming parties, birthdays, holidays, weddind response cards. the possibilities are endless. go here for the post!

thanks, thrifty mama!

cheap photos and photo book.

money saving mom posted a great deal here about 50 photos and a photo book for 1.99 when you pick them up at target. a good deal for those of us looking to be creative with our photos!

bucktown bargains also posted this same deal, and added a mini photo book through target kodak gallery. might be worth a look-see here.

thanks, money saving mom and bucktown bargains!


go here to request a catalog for penzey's spices. i discovered this store when we lived in rockville... very reasonably priced and has great customer service. they periodically send good customers coupons for free spices on the front of the catalog...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

i have a friend who uses, for all her kids' diapering needs. if you wanna check it out and use the service, you can enter her referral code for 10 dollars off your order, and give her a 10 dollar credit for each new order placed. a great way to help out!

her referral code is: MULC3155.


Friday, March 12, 2010

that's a good deal, mama!

here are some other fab things posted by good deal mama:

borders 30% off, details here

free lip care at bbw for a student, details here

15% off at macy's, details here

free skincare stuff at jcpenney, details here

deals on toys, here

free jiffy mix recipe book here

really, check out the whole sites recent listings... lots of great stuff! thanks, good deal mama!

aveda hair color service, 20 dollars off.

go here for all the juicy details.

thanks, good deal mama!

free movie rental from redbox on march 17th.

go here for the details.

thanks, surviving the stores!

free 10 points for pampers gifts to grow.

go here for the post.

thanks, adventures in savings!

free sample of playtex sport.

go to the post here for the details.

thanks, abundant food savings!

cvs printable coupons.

see the post here for the details on $ off $$ purchases at cvs. you can pick your coupon, good through the 14th.

thanks, abundant food savings!

80% off

see the post here for the details.

thanks, abundant food savings!

Monday, March 8, 2010

photo deals...

in honor of missy, who may or may not have gotten things worked out in time for valentine's day with her photo cards (sorry, girl!! i'd give you mine if they meant anything to you!), i am posting an easter card deal that may work out since we're getting in on it early. plus another deal... (i've got my fingers crossed for you, missy, hoping these go through if you do them...)

go here and here.

thanks, hip2save!

free enfamil formula.

go here for the post about how to get free enfamil.

thanks, adventures in savings!

free pedometer and dvd.

go here for the details about how to get your free pedometer and walking dvd from tylenol. i saw this post come through on my facebook feed earlier... what a great steal! thanks, tylenol, and thanks, pink coupon cafe!

**be aware that you may get a temporarily unavailable message after signing up, but them check the email address inbox, you'll get a message saying it's coming! :)

free cone day at ben and jerry's march 23rd!

go here for the details.

thanks, good deal mama!

free sample of tea.

go to this post to find out how to get a free sample of lipton green tea.

thanks, good deal mama!

free diaper sample.

go here for a free sample of huggies diapers.

thanks, good deal mama!

free lever 2000 sample.

go here and click the bubble for your free sample.

thanks, good deal mama!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

staples: 20 off 100 coupon.

frugalista cafe spotted a great find on another blog, a 20 dollar off 100 dollar purchase coupon at staples. go here for the link. it's good through 3/6/2010, so hurry!

thanks, frugalista cafe and mojo savings!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 dollar off 10 dollar purchase for old navy cardholders.

go here for the details. code given is good through june 30th.

thanks, swag grabber!

20% off at banana.

go here for the link to a coupon good for 20% at banana republic through the end of this month.

thanks, because more is more!

good deal on pull-ups this week at rite-aid.

go here to see the deal scenario that collin at hip2save has concocted. wowza! :)

thanks, hip2save!

the big news.

the big news around here (i know, it's kinda sad that this is considered BIG) is that gymboree is opening an outlet in lodi. the website still says that it opens tomorrow (3/3). it will be located right next to children's place, thus sealing our children's clothing "trifecta" all in a row of gymboree, children's place, and carters. yippee!

here is a children's place coupon

here is a carters coupon... it expires tomorrow

**thanks to missy who was on the "front line" today and attempted using the coupon for gymboree outlet. i thought that the code for the coupon was universal, as that same coupon came up in several spots on the web. evidentally, they said that the code had already been used, and gave her a hard time for using it, but still gave her the 15% off. my apologies to missy, and to anyone else who had trouble using it...