Wednesday, March 24, 2010

some fun stuff at buehler's.

two things to post about here from buehler's:

1) i happened to spot some syrups in the coffee aisle that looked just right for making italian sodas. i had one at the lodi station on sunday when i went to pick up the future engineer kit i won on facebook, and took note of how they were made... pausing mentally to almost-ask if the syrups were for sale... you know, the whole big bottle they use for flavoring coffees and drinks. well, as i was shopping at buehler's, i noticed that there in the middle of the aisle, a bunch of bottles are set up on display and what were they? the syrups, like i said. anyways, on with the post. mix about 1 to 2 T. of your fave flavor of syrup, (mine was strawberry) with enough plain club soda to fill a glass. instantly italian, for waaaay less. i put mine in a really fun glass i have, and then pretend that i am somewhere in italy, sipping it while sitting on an outdoor terrace... whatever. you can pretend whatever you want. :)

2) i have been seeing posting's on my fave savings blog ( about a cosmetic company called e.l.f. (eyes lips face) that sells everything for a dollar. that's right, one buck. i was strolling through buehler's after picking up my prescription, and happened upon the cosmetics aisle, which actually is pretty awesome (for a grocery store). i saw a rack devoted to e.l.f. cosmetics and tools, and i started flipping through it. in short, i got a mirrored compact, a new eyelash curler, an all-over-color stick (blush, lipstick, eyeshadow), a mascara that has two ends (waterproof and regular), and something else that escapes me at the moment, all for 5 bucks. i also noticed that they had stuff by tom's of maine, kiss my face, and some really awesome huge handmade-looking soaps for pretty cheap. who knew that buehler's might be my next best make-up destination?

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  1. Hey Jen - Target also has the e.l.f collection (at least mine in Rocky River does!).

    If you go to the e.l.f website and sign up to receive emails from them, they will send you coupons for half off things, free shipping, etc. I ordered a bunch of Christmas stocking stuffers from them, for really really cheap in December. And I got a free brush set for my trouble!

    Oh, and the travel size eye makeup remover pads are AWESOME for vacation. I take them everywhere, because they are small, but they work really well.

    Plus - they have a professional line of brushes and the mineral based makeup. It's not a dollar, but it's WAY cheaper than buying the bareMinerals brand! I've never seen that at a store, but it's available online.