Wednesday, March 24, 2010

almost famous!!

but not quite yet... that will come on friday. ;)

check out the post here on the blog for "shop your closet", which introduces you to me and my wardrobe. it was in sad shape, having been all but neglected since the birth of my first baby. being a deal shopper, i would pick up things here and there for myself (you know, like a 2 dollar tee shirt from old navy), sort of ignoring whether it was flattering on me. well, i'm done with that. i will be, from here on out, actually taking the time to try things on, and ask opinions from others on whether or not it's a keeper. susan and betsy gave me a good jump-start into realizing that my wardrobe can once again be fabulous... and i deserve to be fabulous as well! :)

you can follow along on their blog this week, and then watch the robin swoboda show at 10am this friday on fox 8 for the big reveal. you can witness the process that i went through, and get started on getting yourself into full-fledged fabulousness!

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