Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the big news.

the big news around here (i know, it's kinda sad that this is considered BIG) is that gymboree is opening an outlet in lodi. the website still says that it opens tomorrow (3/3). it will be located right next to children's place, thus sealing our children's clothing "trifecta" all in a row of gymboree, children's place, and carters. yippee!

here is a children's place coupon

here is a carters coupon... it expires tomorrow

**thanks to missy who was on the "front line" today and attempted using the coupon for gymboree outlet. i thought that the code for the coupon was universal, as that same coupon came up in several spots on the web. evidentally, they said that the code had already been used, and gave her a hard time for using it, but still gave her the 15% off. my apologies to missy, and to anyone else who had trouble using it...


  1. I'm going tomorrow or Thursday!!! Can't wait, thanks Jen!

  2. That is BIG news! I live about 20 mins from a Gymbo outlet & I'm there way too much. I will say that I don't think the quality is as good as the retail store (although the regular retail Gymbo's quality has gone downhill lately as well, IMO), but if you wait for a sale you can score a deal at the outlet!

    Oh, & best part: You can now earn Gymbucks at the outlet! You can't redeem them there (boo!) but you can earn them....& I think it might still be GB earning period, so double score!

    Have fun you guys!

  3. Just to let you know. I was able to use the coupon you posted but they did give me a hard time about it. It said it had already been redeemed when they scanned the bar code.

  4. glad that you were able to use it, missy. sorry that they gave you a hard time about it! i pulled up a few different site's coupons and they had the same code on them, so i thought that it would just be a generic code for email subscribers. on that same page, there was a link to subscribe to outlet emails, so i clicked that and signed up in hopes of getting a code of my own in an email. they haven't sent me an email yet, though.

    how was the new store? did you love it?

  5. Don't apologize! It is a stupid rule! I just wanted to let you know in case you used so you weren't blind sided thinking you would get 15% off your purchase and then the coupon not work. I told the ladies it was sent to my email and I had never used it before. The manager gave me a hard time about it already being redeemed but the other girl gave me the discount when she walked away! Yay!

    The outlet is nice. Larger than the mall store and organized. You can fit a stroller through the entire store and there is a tv area for the kiddos! The prices are ok. Cheaper than the regular store but not cheap like children's place.

    Thanks for all the money saving tips! I love your blog!

  6. thanks missy! i appreciate your readership!

    that's awesome that it's big enough to maneuver through. that's the sure-fire way to make us moms super-happy. nothing is more frustrating than spotting something adorable "over there" and then running the stroller into five racks just to get to it. :) yay, gymboree! you got it right!!