Friday, April 30, 2010


to my husband's dismay, i am forver ripping out recipes from all my magazines and piling up the pages. he hates this habit of mine.

however, this month, there will be a special edition of family fun magazine called "dinnertime!" and it will showcase 98 of their best dinner ideas. i am soooo loving that idea. not only is their food usually family-friendly, but also fun to help get the kids involved in making. AND there won't be crazy pages all over the house, which i'm sure a certain someone will very much enjoy. the ad that i saw for it said that it would be out at major newsstands and bookstores. can't wait to grab my copy!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

images by megan edwards.

i wanted to give a shout out to my friend megan... a super-talent in the area of photography. she's just getting started with her photography, and i was lucky enough to get her to agree to do a photo shoot of my kiddos. i can't wait to see what these early pics look like!! (today's session was super cold and windy... we are going to try again in warmer temps and sundress weather). if you'd like to see her work, check out her blog here. you can also check out more of her work (think: the most amazing disney pics EVER) on her facebook page here.

thanks megan!! i can already tell that i'm going to end up with some AMAZING pics of the kids. can't wait to see what other photos you have up your sleeve in the coming months!! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

free dog treats.

go here for the sample. scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

free sample of dove daily treatment conditioner.

go here to get yours.

cheap soft soap body wash.

go here and print off the coupon for the softsoap nutriserums, which is on special this week at cvs for 2.99. after purchasing, you get 2 dollars in ecb's, which is like getting it for 99 cents. use your 75 cent off coupon to get it for 24 cents!!

free sample of u by kotex.

linked through cvs, you can sign up for a free sample of u by kotex here.

free poise sample from cvs.

go here to get yours.

free caress sample.

go here to request yours.

thanks, frugal living and having fun!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

new all you.

the newest "all you" magazine is available at wal-mart. i just got mine the other day and it's packed full of more than 90 dollars worth of coupons. this one has a yellow cover. :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

home made simple coupon book.

has more than 30 dollars worth of coupons in it. sign up here. (and don't expect to see it for a while.)

thanks, money saving mom!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

mambo sprouts.

organic coupons for stuff found at trader joe's and whole foods sent right to your home. sign up here.

thanks for the tip, homemaking expert!

ann taylor friends and family.

30% off at ann taylor and loft. go here to print the coupon.

scrubbing bubbles coupons.

go here to sign up.

lysol coupons.

sign up for lysol coupons here (bottom left side).

i'm not getting paid to say this or anything, but the new soap that they have in an automatic dispenser ROCKS. i had a coupon for 5 dollars off of it, so i got it for around 4 dollars at wal-mart a few weeks ago. the starter kit comes with the dispenser, a soap and the batteries. my original thought was that it might make my 4 year old more excited to wash his hands since it comes out automatically. well, i've fallen on love with it, as has he. (that's the fun part of coupons... you get to try things that you might not otherwise ever get.) check out the info here.

more freebies.

free o.b. sample here.

thanks, rose knows coupons!

free sample of eucerin lotion here or other freebies here (look under the freebie tab for more).

thanks, walmart!

free pet treats here.
free stayfree sample here.
sign up for p&g everyday solutions here and get free cascade.

thanks, bargain divas!

free colorgrabber sample.

go here to get yours.

thanks, homemaking expert!

free aveda hand relief lotion.

go here to get the goods.

thanks, homemaking expert!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

free aveeno shampoo sample.

go here to get yours.

free burt's bees toothpaste sample.

available here.

thanks, pirates of the supermarket!

free everstrong sample.

i lovelovelove this shampoo. the gal who did my hair during my "shop your closet" experience recommended highly getting a shampoo and conditioner that don't contain sulfates. what i appreciated about her recommendation was that it wasn't for some super-high-end shampoo that costs a billion dollars to buy. and re-buy. i sorta went floundering into the store, searching for a product line that was sulfate-free (helps color to last longer, is better for your hair) and stumbled across the l'oreal line. i've already gone through one bottle of the shampoo for colored hair... i love the stuff. if you'd like to try out a sample for yourself, go here. it lathers up really nicely and smells great.

thanks, target!

free stayfree sample.

go here to sign up.

exclusive all you magazine coupons.

just when i thought i'd seen all the coupons there were, i just found some more through the all you magazine website. on it, they have some coupons for green works cleaning products, which i happened to notice yesterday at cvs were on clearance. could make for a great deal. check out the exclusive coupons here and check out the website, too. i was sad about chopping up my last issue for all the coupons, but some of the articles can be found online. i actually really like this magazine... can't believe that i just started buying it!

free magazine from kikkoman.

go here for the link!

thanks, homemaking expert!

free dog leash and collar from science diet.

go here for the details!

thanks, homemaking expert!

Monday, April 19, 2010

cvs trip this morning.

i spent 1.20 oop (out of pocket) this morning at cvs. i bought two schick shaving creams (cost 2.79 each, got back 1.80 for each in ecb's), two thermacare heat wraps (cost 2.49, got back 2.49 each in ecb' wraps!!) and bought a green bag tag for 99 cents and got back 99 cents in ecb's. the reason i paid 1.20? i had 17 dollars in ecb's, but if i used them all, i would have been owed money by cvs. i'll gladly pay 1.2o for those items... it's like i practically paid nothing!! and i got back almost everything in ecb's to use for next time!! no wonder people shop at cvs! with a little money "up front" (yesterday's trip cost me 30-something dollars), i will now be paying for all my trips with previous ecb's i've earned!

target: possibly free shirts, handbags, and hosiery!

go here to print off the coupons good for dollars off of merona shirts for women and men, handbags, and hosiery items. you can use these coupons on clearance items, and can print them twice. remember that all clearance stuff varies by store, but you just may able to score a great deal by scouring the racks. good luck!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

any ideas for remembering reuseable bags?

i am forever forgetting mine, always seeing the sign on the way in the store and hitting my forehead with my palm at my forgetfulness. i'd love your ideas for remembering to take them either in the car or in the store... i suffer from both problems. :)

cvs' green bag tag, explained.

go here for the details!

thanks i heart cvs!

and just fyi, you can get one this week for 99 cents, with 99 cents in ecb's given back to you. they are literally giving you money!!

coupon binder!

Front: Deal/ Sale highlights for the week

The baseball sheets before being filled

The envelopes for each store in the binder pocket and the first of the baseball sheets

Coupons in each category that are about to expire

Internet coupons (don't fit in baseball sheets)

Restaurant coupons

Retail coupons

Back inside binder pocket: Current circulars for the week

yeah, i went with a binder. i did a bunch of baseball card holders for inside... they hold about 9 coupons on a side, so each page holds 18 coupons (30 pages for 4.99 at target). plus, for internet coupons, i grabbed a thing of two-pocket colored file folders and in the front i put coupons that are about to expire, and in the back, i put the internet coupons that were too big for the baseball card slots. in the back pocket of the binder, i put the latest circulars, and in the front pocket, i have envelopes that are designated by store. when i see a sale for something that i know i have a coupon for, i stick it in the envelope. i have one more section to add, which is those clear page inserts, so that i can stick each store's current coupon policy in there. :)

the sections i have for coupons in the baseball card pages and the file folders are: food, home, personal care, baby... with additional space devoted in the pocket folders for restaurant coupons, and retail coupons.
the front pocket, outside of the binder has room for a slip of paper that has the coupon highlights for the week... sales i don't want to miss. i write down if something earns ecb's at cvs, or if i have multiple coupons (store and manufacturer) for an item and what i expect to pay for it. it helps me keep track of the deals i see online, because it's all organized by store.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

breakdown of my cvs purchase:
2 pks. pampers diapers (8.49 each)
1 3-pack of cvs paper towels (2.50)
1 schick hydro razor (8.97)
1 cvs lotion (1.99)
1 axe deodorant (1.24)
1 degree deodorant (1.19)
1 dove shampoo (4.49)
total after ecb's and coupons: 14.36!!
i printed out my cvs coupons when i went in at the crt machine and got 1.50 in ecb's, 1 dollar off a cvs paper product, 1 dollar off a cvs skin care product: 3.50 in savings
the razor was 8.97, but gave 6 dollars in ecb's, plus i had a 3 dollar off coupon, so i made 3 cents on that.
i had 1.50 off each of the diapers.
the dove shampoo was 4.49, but gave 4.49 in ecb's, plus i had a 2 dollar off coupon, so i made 2 dollars buying that.
i had a 4 dollars off a 20 dollar purchase coupon that they emailed me, and a 3 dollar off birthday coupon they emailed me.
in all, i saved 24.50 with ecb's and coupons, plus my last transaction earned me 4.49 in ecb's to use later.
i could have done better, i'm sure, but i'm still a novice, AND was under time crunch to get home. in all, i'm thrilled!! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

25 cent BOGO at DQ.

here's an email i got from dairy queen:

"Hey fans! Since we kicked off the Blizzard 25th Birthday Party Tour, we have been overwhelmed by your support. You truly are the best fans in the world and we look forward to meeting many of you this summer as the Blizzard®mobile comes to party in your home town. We really wish we could come see all of you, but we don't want that to stop you from celebrating. The Party Tour is just one of many ways we're celebrating the Blizzard 25th birthday. You can celebrate at your local store, or continue to follow the Tour on Facebook. So, as a little party favor to pump up the celebration we're throwing a 25¢ BOGO Blizzard Treat your way. The best part about it, no coupons are necessary.* You're the best fans in the world and we want all of you to be a part of the BIGGEST party in Blizzard treat history! So fans, get to your local DQ asap, because this offer only lasts from April 19-25."


free sample of john frieda.

go here to get yours!

thanks, hip2save!

while you're at the freebie page, sign up for other wal-mart freebies here.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

1 dollar ink refills at walgreens!??!

check out this post!!

thanks, deal seeking mom!!

15 family barn/garage sale.

i saw this advertised north of smithville, a little bit north of the mennonite church. it says that it's "next thursday, friday, and saturday" at 9am, and i'm wondering if that means today through saturday, or really next thursday-sat, since i saw it this past sunday. might be worth checking out...

free tree when you buy one at home depot.

sign up for home depot newsletters and get cool coupons like "buy a tree get one free" in your emails from them. go here and sign up toward the bottom.

free dove conditioner.

go here to get your sample.

ethnic fair!

here are the details. i heard that it's a huge event!

scarlet gray and green fair.

go here for the details about this earth day celebration!

lehman's open house 15th-17th.

go here for the details!

too good to be threw sale.

it's coming up! annual sale for kids clothes and toys, hosted by wooster's church of the nazarene on may 1st from 8:30am to 12:30 pm. go here for the details!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

free stuff for tax day.

see the post here for details. free starbucks coffee (take some flavored creamer... yum!!)!!

thanks, hip2save!!

go here for yahoo's list!

thanks jen (and yahoo!!)!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

10 off 50 at staples.

go here for the coupon.

thanks, bucktown bargains!

wooster wellness expo.

save the date! may 8th!!

go here for the details!

mother's day brunch.

pine tree barn... yum!

go here for the details!

because everyone loves a good sale...

the details:

april 10th
Used Treasures @ New Hope Fellowship
Corner of Buckeye and Liberty
Enter side door on Buckeye St.

Lots of things advertised for sale... toys, games, clothes
The kicker? Kids clothes are free!!

Go here to verify! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

kroger deals!

my friend traci reports that kroger is tripling coupons through sunday. here's how well she did on her trip there tonight:

"so I had Coupons for everything but the kroger brand baby formula (12 a can and got two) and before coupons the total was 87.64, I paid... drum roll please..... 32.78 ( and 24 was formula!!!)"

awesome job, traci, and thanks for sharing!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

how to pay for non-coupon items with coupons.

seems unlikely, huh? go here for an interesting post.

thanks, centsible savings!

free beauty puff.

go here to get yours.

buchanan place.

also in the mail today, i got a note announcing an event at Buchanan Place in smithville, on may 1st, called Meet Me in Paris. it advertises vera bradley specials and chamilia jewelry specials. the chamilia specials are:

buy 3 beads and get a free murano glass or silver bead


buy a silver snap bracelet for a free chamilia lock

the event is may 1st from 10am to 6pm, with refreshments, drawings and seminars on the front porch! sounds like fun! and seeing as how i am looking to buy and build my chamilia bracelet, i will be there! hope to see you there, too! :)

wanna check out their website? go here.

bed bath and beyond.

i got a coupon in the mail today for 20% off. if you'd like to sign up for one too (spring decorating? MOVING INTO A NEW HOUSE?), you can sign up at this place. happy shopping!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

all you.

here are two great cheap magazines to get, and they contains gobs of coupons. "all you" magazine can be found at the wal-mart checkout. i paid 2.49 for my april issue, which contains 81 dollars worth of coupons. inside april's issue is a coupon for a free rimmel cosmetic... which means that that alone pays for the mag for the month.

another good one is "reinventing beauty" that is 99 cents at cvs. i can't give you a coupon dollar amount, but i promise it's worth your 99 pennies. :)

got milk?

from my friend christy:

I had to tell someone about my find today, and I thought of you and your blog! Hartzler's Dairy (located on Cleveland Rd., just north of Smithville-Western) is selling their milk this week for $2 plus bottle deposit, which is a savings of $1.50ish. I don't know if you've ever tried it, but it is organic, pastuerized, but non-homogenized (meaning the cream rises to the top). My son is lactose intolerant, but can drink their milk (something about their process makes it easier to digest.) Their website is if you want to check it out. I'm a big fan of their products, especially of the ice cream!

thanks, christy!! we love their chocolate milk!! :)