Saturday, April 17, 2010

breakdown of my cvs purchase:
2 pks. pampers diapers (8.49 each)
1 3-pack of cvs paper towels (2.50)
1 schick hydro razor (8.97)
1 cvs lotion (1.99)
1 axe deodorant (1.24)
1 degree deodorant (1.19)
1 dove shampoo (4.49)
total after ecb's and coupons: 14.36!!
i printed out my cvs coupons when i went in at the crt machine and got 1.50 in ecb's, 1 dollar off a cvs paper product, 1 dollar off a cvs skin care product: 3.50 in savings
the razor was 8.97, but gave 6 dollars in ecb's, plus i had a 3 dollar off coupon, so i made 3 cents on that.
i had 1.50 off each of the diapers.
the dove shampoo was 4.49, but gave 4.49 in ecb's, plus i had a 2 dollar off coupon, so i made 2 dollars buying that.
i had a 4 dollars off a 20 dollar purchase coupon that they emailed me, and a 3 dollar off birthday coupon they emailed me.
in all, i saved 24.50 with ecb's and coupons, plus my last transaction earned me 4.49 in ecb's to use later.
i could have done better, i'm sure, but i'm still a novice, AND was under time crunch to get home. in all, i'm thrilled!! :)

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