Sunday, April 18, 2010

coupon binder!

Front: Deal/ Sale highlights for the week

The baseball sheets before being filled

The envelopes for each store in the binder pocket and the first of the baseball sheets

Coupons in each category that are about to expire

Internet coupons (don't fit in baseball sheets)

Restaurant coupons

Retail coupons

Back inside binder pocket: Current circulars for the week

yeah, i went with a binder. i did a bunch of baseball card holders for inside... they hold about 9 coupons on a side, so each page holds 18 coupons (30 pages for 4.99 at target). plus, for internet coupons, i grabbed a thing of two-pocket colored file folders and in the front i put coupons that are about to expire, and in the back, i put the internet coupons that were too big for the baseball card slots. in the back pocket of the binder, i put the latest circulars, and in the front pocket, i have envelopes that are designated by store. when i see a sale for something that i know i have a coupon for, i stick it in the envelope. i have one more section to add, which is those clear page inserts, so that i can stick each store's current coupon policy in there. :)

the sections i have for coupons in the baseball card pages and the file folders are: food, home, personal care, baby... with additional space devoted in the pocket folders for restaurant coupons, and retail coupons.
the front pocket, outside of the binder has room for a slip of paper that has the coupon highlights for the week... sales i don't want to miss. i write down if something earns ecb's at cvs, or if i have multiple coupons (store and manufacturer) for an item and what i expect to pay for it. it helps me keep track of the deals i see online, because it's all organized by store.

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  1. that looks great jen! i think i may have to make one of those, i'm tired of digging through an envelope of coupons.