Monday, April 19, 2010

cvs trip this morning.

i spent 1.20 oop (out of pocket) this morning at cvs. i bought two schick shaving creams (cost 2.79 each, got back 1.80 for each in ecb's), two thermacare heat wraps (cost 2.49, got back 2.49 each in ecb' wraps!!) and bought a green bag tag for 99 cents and got back 99 cents in ecb's. the reason i paid 1.20? i had 17 dollars in ecb's, but if i used them all, i would have been owed money by cvs. i'll gladly pay 1.2o for those items... it's like i practically paid nothing!! and i got back almost everything in ecb's to use for next time!! no wonder people shop at cvs! with a little money "up front" (yesterday's trip cost me 30-something dollars), i will now be paying for all my trips with previous ecb's i've earned!

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