Saturday, February 27, 2010

pampers gifts to grow.

pampers gifts to grow is a great little way to get some freebies after buying what you need (pampers diapers) already. i've been collecting points since danny was born, and i've traded the points in for toys, magazine subscriptions and photos, while other people i know have gotten free movie nights and other great rewards.
the points are inside all pampers diapers products, including wipes and easy ups. you go to to join (find the link there for gifts to grow), then add your codes and redeem them on the rewards page. here's 30 points to get you started.

GTGTEAMUSA2010 is a 30 point code. i'll post more as i see them.

huggies diapers also has a similar program, called enjoy the ride. i'll post about it later.

thanks, lisa!

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