Friday, December 17, 2010

mommy necklaces.

have you heard of these before? i saw them offered on a baby deals site, and everyone was raving about them and so i checked out the website. no, they aren't meant to be chewed on, like some other necklaces for mom's. this one is a sensory necklace for little ones, with interesting beads and other shaped dangles. i "liked" them on facebook, and found that they were running a special for facebook fans, so i bought my first mommy necklace. i have to tell you that i am now hooked. i've read all about how their followers have been matching outfits specifically to their mommy necklaces, and i found myself doing that today too when i opened the package to wear it today.

anyways, i just wanted to share how much i love my necklace, and how i think that i just found the items i'll be asking for for my birthday. totally and utterly and supremely cute!!

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