Wednesday, January 6, 2010

children's place and carter's outing.

this morning, since children's place is having their monster sale, i decided to venture out to the local outlet mall and scope out the deals. i had my 15% coupon in hand, and was ready to get some cheapies. well... i was mildly disappointed. it was true, the cords for girls and boys were just 4.99, and that's about all on the sale front. items from christmas were still too high for me, being in the 10 dollar range for the rugby sweaters and fleece, and tees were down to 4.99 (which is still too high). i bought three pairs of the cords, some gloves that i was hoping would fit goosey, and some socks for moosey. socks were down to 1.49, and with the coupon, i got them for 1.27. not awful, but not great, either.

and since i was right there, i went next door to carter's. they are having some awesome deals... that is, for carter's stuff. they had some cute fleece cardigans and matching pant sets for 5.99. matching onesies (2 pack) were the same price. back in the back of the store, i found some great deals on boy's undies (can't have enough of those when potty training!), 3 pack of briefs for 3.99, and 2 pack of boxer/briefs for 3.99. i think that i got 5 packs, some in bigger sizes b/c they are normally 7 or 8 bucks per pack. i also got socks for moosey for 3.99, packs of 3. cute ones with flowers and hearts and stripes. anyways... it was just an "okay" trip, hardly worth bragging about. well, maybe the undies, but who wants to brag about that? :)

stay tuned in a few weeks when c.p. does further markdowns, and watch me go crazy in the bigger boys section of the store for the first time ever. that's right... we are moving out of 4T and heading straight to big boy clothes... i hardly have anything stockpiled, so the opportunities are endless. :)

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