Wednesday, January 20, 2010

tip jar.

think of this as a pseudo-tip-jar. it's little tips and tricks that i like to use to make things easier. (once i learn how to make tabs, i'll put it under a tab, but for now, all tips can be found here.) please feel free to add your tips! :)

dirty/stinky sponges in your sink? stick them in the dishwasher, and they'll come out looking and smelling a whole lot fresher.

guacamole turning brown? halt the oxidation process by sticking plastic wrap directly on guacamole when you stick it in the fridge to store it.

tired of sorting laundry, or accidentally sticking colors in with whites? get color catcher by shout. it will "catch" all the color/dye floating around in the wash water, and prevent the dye from bleeding on other items. i stick it in with all my color loads, and with anything that is brand new from the store, especially jeans. and the best part, it can go in the dryer with all the clothes and won't disintegrate all over everything.

i've been looking into making homemade detergents and cleaners for the house lately, in an effort to be "greener". here is a post about making dishwasher detergent. i have found a few others online too, and as soon as i come across them again, i'll post those if you're interested.


  1. Does this really work? I mean, what about a brand, new fuzzy red sweatshirt (or even better, corduroy pants) and a white tablecloth?

  2. hmm... you might wanna try washing fuzzy stuff seperately anyway... but i've had a white sock end up in an all colored load, and the color catcher comes out with color on it, and the sock is still white. it's amazing, and it helps in those oopsie mommy-moments that i sometimes have in the laundry. you might wanna put a few color catchers in that load of yours above... and i'm not guaranteeing anything 100%. try it if you don't care much for your tablecloth. ;)