Thursday, January 7, 2010

new day, new deal.

well, there's not too much fun stuff coming up online today, so i thought that i'd share my two good shopping trips.

last night, when getting my brita pitcher, i stopped and checked out the christmas clearance at lowe's. they had everything 75% off, so i got three spools of ribbon and five boxes of new bulbs (next year, we are doing a silver and red theme on the tree... i've done seven years of our current theme, and have grown tired of it) for 8 bucks. i got a few different sizes of bulbs for some visual interest. my whole tree next year is fully decorated for less than 10 bucks! selection on christmas stuff is getting SPARSE... the sooner you get there, the better.

and today at walmart, i was cruising the clearance aisle and found some thomas trains for a certain birthday boy (next month could he really be four?) for 2 dollars each. they also had christmas clearance, but i decided against the candy canes, as i think that a certain someone has o.d.'ed on candy canes till next year. there were also a bunch of super cheap toys in the clearance aisle... the fridge recorder by leapfrog was 10 dollars and i saw baby doll strollers for 7 bucks. i also got a combination shade/bug net for on top of a infant carrier for 3 dollars... maybe put it to use later this year or next summer? maybe give as a gift? who knows...

so that's it. nothing all too fab... just some miscellaneous items that were at an irresistible price.

hopefully, new steals and deals tomorrow! :)

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