Friday, January 29, 2010

"hip mom" cards 100 for 1.99.

check out this for how to order your "hip mom" cards for cheap. current offer is 100 for 1.99, plus shipping. could be used for anything, the examples shown are for announcing babies or engagements, giving people seating assignments, or (my personal fave) a mommy business card. i'm debating getting one made with my cute little blog address on it... still looking for an image of an overflowing shopping bag, though. :) another blog i read said that it's really conveinent for passing out to new mommy friends to set up playdates. good idea! :)

thanks, bargain briana and coupon cravings!

update: i ordered some for my blog. i was going to order some additional ones with our contact info, and the second batch of one hundred was put on the bill for 9.99. i took those off then and just got the ones for the blog, and got them all for just over 6 bucks shipped. can't wait to get them! :)

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