Monday, January 4, 2010

cheap books!!

i have a book addiction. there, i said it. and not only have i been "blessed" with this little book addiction, but one of the caveats of the addiction is that i need to have these books CHEAP. i put a feeler out there to some of my friends on facebook, and my lovely friend molly wrote back with info that i will be forever indebted to her for sharing. she told me about scholastic's warehouse sales. yeah, you know, that same scholastic that sent out the little newspaperesque sale flyer in grade school. the one that sent the books straight to your teacher. well... at these warehouse sales, you have the opportunity to raid the warehouse from which those books are sent! when we lived in rockville, md, i traveled 45 minutes to the warehouse, and a lot of times, made some super sweet scores with the children's books. AND, to make the deal even sweeter (books were already under 3 dollars each!), scholastic will send you a coupon for signing up to attend the sale! the coupon is often 10 dollars off a 50 dollar purchase, or something even better around the time of their holiday sale. wanna check and see if there is one coming up in your area? check out this page here and click on your state. you can sign up to be a parental volunteer and get the coupon (which is also the way that you enter the sale--- you need the barcode that prints on your coupon). the first time i went to the sale, i was afraid of the word "volunteer" on the coupon, but found that it's just the way that they track who comes to the sale... so you can get additional coupons, as well. :) keep checking back to the site if you don't see a sale coming up... they usually run them about three to four times a year, definitely before christmas, and around the end of school.

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